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Ever Wondered How Witches Block Your Blessings? Here's How

In the same way, we who are physical are equal in spirit, and as we know that whatever is bound on earth also is bound in heaven, and what is released in heaven is also released on earth. This is how witches gather your blessings.

 When we pray, it is as if we are texting, and we also have spirits who monitor your prayers and answers. he is so quick to act, and you will wonder why you pray but do not get your answers.

 Sangoma told people to take something that belongs to you, and put it on anything, especially dolls, and the dolls take a picture of you. then they take the dolls, and lock them in bottles, or throw them in the deep squares where no one will go.

 that way your life will remain spacious and nothing will help you, until the change is destroyed and your shadow returns to you.

 seek help if you live. pray earnestly if you are living. we are at war with the hidden.


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