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VIDEO| Pastor Claims Umlando Dance Was Manufactured By Demons; Mzansi Reacts


Many people, especially the youth, love taking part in dance challenges to see who did it better than the source. For the longest time, the masses have been taking part in challenges of whatever is trending. For instance, there was a challenge whereby people started hugging trees after DJ Sbu told them that they will find peace.

Some take part in challenges that are derived from dramatic incidents. There have been challenges that people have to partake in for fun, but it seems that some religious leaders do not believe that these challenges are at all innocent, with some claiming that some challenges are demonic.

In a viral video, a pastor that was addressing his congregation said that the Umlando dance challenge that went viral at the beginning of the year is not so innocent.

According to the unnamed pastor, before the dance went viral, he was in the spiritual realm and saw demons manufacture the dance move. He adds that the dance was "unleashed into the atmosphere", and as a result, girls across the world are hosting the demon that manufactured the dance move.


Public Opinion

According to the masses, the pastor demonstrated the dance move, which means he was also hosting the demon unintentionally. Some find this funny, adding that if people start listening to what pastors say, they will stop having fun, adding that many pastors like popping people's bubbles.

Author's Opinion

The funny thing is that the pastor says that girls are the ones who are hosting the demon which he saw before the dance move became viral, but, was it not started by the gents? Girls only followed suit.

Why are girls being the host and not the gents? Perhaps the pastor does not like the dance move at all and just wanted to do something to stop it.

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