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Importance of doing back to the sender rituals


Are you facing spiritual problems through your marriage, business, school, family? If so then worry no more because today is a day of happiness for you.

If you feel that whatever is holding you down, stopping your progress in life is a bad spiritual projection into your life or if you are sick you feel its so spiritual arrow, then don't worry again.

Do the following things to make you free from your enemies or bad spirits.

1) get firewood ashes.

Ashes is what you see in the picture attached to this post.


I didn't say the ashes from charcoal but rather the ashes from firewood.

Process or procedures to follow.

Pour the ashes on your Palm, just like the way you are seeing it in the picture.

Go outside barefoot at night.

Close your hand and use the ashes to round your head seven(7) times.

Say this with faith.

I return every evil arrow back to sender, if it's spirit or bad luck and rejections that has projected into your life.

Then you open your hands and pour the ashes on both palms, then blow it into the air that you return it back to its sender.

Then go inside and see magic.

That's how to do simple and effective back to sender(home made remedy) not that it's going to help everyone.

Some of you have serious problems but it helps to do all your home remedies with a positive mindset and involve your ancestors.

(most ancestors fight regardless for their children) that's the only reason most of you aren't dead yet because of your ancestors and God they refuse.

Do your part .

You might not be succeeding in life not because of bad luck or being disobedient to your guides. but into (DO SOMETHING)!!!

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