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Say this Prayer to destroy Isicitho of ant

Isicitho is not all about human waste but some they use ant to bewitch people as Isichitho and this is very dangerous because you can dream of biting these ants and be careful because something bad can happen to your life.

that's why if you dream of ants in the dream while sleeping please pray this prayer here is a prayer, God will help you.

1. My father I thank you for the privilege and opportunity to be alive to witness today as a living soul lord Lord destroy everything witchcraft of ant in Jesus name.

To deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

Psalms 33:19 NIV

2. Father God I thank you for your unending supply and provision upon me and my household in Jesus name scatter every ant in my dream in the name of Jesus.

3. Heavenly father I thank you for your great protection upon me and my household against any ant in the dream in Jesus name.

4. Heavenly father I thank you for your ,grace and your favor upon my life in Jesus name.

5. Father God I thank you for your mighty hand working in my life ,destiny family and business in the name of Jesus.

6. Oh lord stop by power every demonic ants standing against my breakthrough be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

7. Oh lord in your fire and power consume every evil ant in my life lineage in Jesus name.

8. Heavenly father silence every evil ant sponsoring activities of demonic altar in my life destiny, business in Jesus name.

9. My father consume by fire every demonic headquarters empowering evil ants in my life destiny, family and business in Jesus name.

10. Oh Lord tear down every ant demonic altar standing against my marital breakthrough in Jesus name Amen

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