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Try to make moon water to get rid of spirit in your home

Making moon Water

* Fill your glass container (or non-plastic container of your choice) with filtered water on a full moon night. The vessel represents the vessel of spirit, just as our body is the vessel of the soul. The vessels symbolize our ability to measure and appreciate love, health and truth. We all know what it means when we say our cup is full or overflowing. The vessel of your choice honors the sacred purposes of your spirit.

* Surround your ship with your favorite herbs and gems. If you feel attracted to love, try dried rose buds, cocoa, and rose quartz. If you need protection, try black tourmaline and marjoram. Use raw aventurine and basil to thrive and prosper; chamomile and angelite for peace and happiness; sapphire and rosemary wisely.

* Hold your boat close to your heart, meditate, breathe love and light into the water. You will know when it is time to stop, leave it to absorb the full moon energy. Heat your thanks in water and go.

* Allow your water to charge at full moon power overnight. Some people cover their boat with an open bow so that they can easily get in. Let your emotions guide you.

* Put your boat together in the morning after charging, thanking Luna for her blessings. Writing or saying your blessing aloud is a great way to ask for Luna's magic. Here is an example:

2 Ways to Use the Water for the Month

1. Add water to the moon in your bathtub to relax and clear. Fill your bathtub the way you normally do, while pouring water into your boat to mix. Start a cycle of pouring condensed water over you, wherever you feel it needs to be removed, letting anything you no longer use to free you from your energy field. When a water charge enters you, its light enhances all the goals you have set for it, while promoting greater peace and relaxation. Wash your hair with pure moon water to encourage the green, lovely and light growth of the girl.

2. The water of the Dab moon in your third chakra of the mind for mental development. The first step in strengthening your skills is to accept that they exist. Acknowledging the presence of your power is a cornerstone in realizing their full potential. Rely on your inner knowledge, and listen to your emotions. Injure yourself deeply, then draw your moon water into your third chakra to open your inner eye to God’s wisdom and revelation. Find a place of peace within you and your surroundings, and feel your thoughts coming to you with powerful clarity. Keep a jar of moon water on your altar to promote your culture.

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