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How you feel affects your spiritual growth immensely

How you feel about yourself affects your spiritual growth immensely. If you have not integrated all aspects of yourself, your Chakras are blocked and this affects the overall energy you give off as well as how high you vibrate.

This will interfere with messages from your Guides . Your dreams are not clear or as someone said to me in consultation today: spiritual guides.

I don’t dream. We all dream but not all dreams are visitations. However vibrating at high frequency facilitates connection with your ancestors of the Light and other Guides.

Therefore how you feel about your body, your hair, your face etc. your shadow self, your life experiences ( those you keep secret and are ashamed of), the thoughts you think, the things you say ( to self and others) and so on require your awareness.

This is why working to accept yourself- even those things you would like to change is essential. Yup so it is. Also- when your vibration is low… guess who likes to hang around you: low energy spirits also known as jin spirits with their nefarious activities which they are thrilled to recruit you into.

Raise your vibration so as

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