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If you are in need of urgent financial help, use these Psalm and miracle will happen. (OPINION)

Welcoming you to my writings, I pray for your well-being in Jesus' name. It's imperative that you follow me on this platform immediately if you haven't already, so that you don't miss any new content that I post.

During our conversation today, I'd like to bring up an extremely important topic. As a loving Father, God is eager for us to prosper in the same way that our soul thrives. Good resources are in His care, and they are given to anyone who asks for them on a daily basis. Praise be to God, who never ceases to bless us! Praise be to God!

The most important question to ask is: If you are truly a child of God, why are you experiencing poverty or financial hardship? As I always say, awarding someone does not cost God anything; the other part is for the enemy to allow the recipient to enjoy the blessing. Everything in life is spiritual, and our consciousness is meant to be aware of some events in our lives. As a means of communication between God and man, your dreams should be taken very seriously.

While your father is still worshiping gods in the hamlet, you do not approach demons offering grace and mercy. You can't preach that God's grace is sufficient for me if you were unintentionally born into an idolatrous family. Deliverance and safety can be found in the Bible. So that you can live a happy life, you tap into this source of evil and stop its manifestations.

Using this spiritual weapon, you can now summon a rain of financial blessings. God is a defender of the weak, and His Words are more precious to Him than His Name.

Before you go to sleep each night, repeat this to yourself and pay attention to your dreams. You'll learn things you didn't know before.

Lord, hear me, for I am a poor and needy person.

I am holy, so please watch over my soul and deliver thy servant who trusts in thee, O my God!

Lord, I beg of you on a daily basis, so be kind to me.

4 As I lift my soul to thee, rejoice in the soul of thy servant, O Lord!

5 For those who seek thee, O Lord, thou art just and merciful.

6 Praise be to you, O Lord! You are worthy of my supplication.

7 I will come to thee in my hour of need because thou wilt respond.

8 A god or a work of art like thy creations do not exist, O Lord.

There will be an outpouring of praise and glory for your name in all the nations that you have made, O Lord. 9

Thy power and wonders are all that exist, for you alone are God.

11 Instill fear in my heart, Lord, and teach me your ways.

In the name of the Lord my God, I will sing thy praises for ever and ever.

13 To thank you for saving my soul from the depths of hell, because thy mercy is so great towards me.

They've turned against me, and groups of aggressive men have sought my soul without bringing thee before them, O God.

15 But thou art a loving and kind God, patient and generous in mercy and truth, O Lord.

16 Make thy servant strong and free the son of your handmaid's daughter.

17 Make a sign for me so that those who despise me will see it and be humiliated, for you, Lord, have helped and comforted me.

It is in the name of Jesus Christ that I pray today for God's help to overcome your shame and embarrassment.

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