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Top 5 of Things satan cannot do toughest truth is that devil is part of the world whether you want to embrace it or not but then Satan is there. If you want to think there is nothing like that, is fine, you have freedom of choice. K today I want us to concentrate on the things of which Satan can not accomplish. For some people they name Satan the devil, therefore don't be confused we are talking about the same demon that is doing some weird things u[on God's greatest creation which is the human race.

The following is the list of things Satan cannot do:

1.Satan can not compel you to sin - In this world of which we are living in sin may be described as rebelling away from what is the proper thing to do or doing the opposite of what the Lord is asking of you. The devil may lead individuals to sin but he can not compel anybody to sin. The devil may entice you to sin but then your ultimate acts and choice remain the man of the match. Meaning although the devil may lure you to sin at the end of the day you will have to choose whether you are with him or not. It is a question of what you select is a proper thing to do.

2. Satan cannot give life- According to the bible, the devil's purpose to the earth is obvious. The devil is come to take, murder, and destroy. That is reported in John 10:10. The devil does not give life but only take, murder and destroy. The devil wants to see the children of God perishing, that is the primary single reason why he stays frustrated with God's children. Jesus Christ is the only one who has the ability to give life.

Third, Satan cannot prevent the second coming of Jesus Christ. Whether you believe it or not, Jesus is returning soon, and Satan cannot prevent him from doing so. Despite his best efforts, Satan will be unable to prevent the second coming of Jesus Christ. Soon, the monarch will be visible atop his subjects' shoulders. Now is the time to do the right thing and repent before it is too late. The devil is hard at work, attempting to mislead as many people as possible in order to keep them from coming to faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please do not fall prey to his seduction and become one of those who do. Reject the devil right now in the name of Jesus.

4. Satan will never be able to escape hell- Satan will be consumed by fire in hell. That is a well-known truth, even among children in the fourth grade. All those who succumb to his seduction to commit a transgression against the Lord Jesus Christ will perish alongside him in the lake of fire in hell. This will be the most difficult time for those who refuse to listen to God and repent at this point in time. If you choose to side with Satan, you should be aware that such a decision will have repercussions deep down in your heart.

5. Satan is not permitted to entice you unless God gives him permission- This is stated in the Bible. In order for Satan to tempt you, he must first get permission from God. Because God granted Satan permission to proceed, it implies that God himself has faith in you. God understands that you have the ability to reject the devil from inside your own soul. If you are doing anything incorrectly, your conscience will always alert you to it. That is the force inside you that guides you in deciding what is good to do and what is wrong or not to do in any given situation. Some individuals choose to destroy the power that exists within them and align themselves with Satan. Such individuals will perish with him in the lake of fire. I'll say it again: do the right thing right now and confess your sins. Come return to the Lord, because there is yet opportunity for betterment in your situation.

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