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If You Are A Wicked Person, Here Is A Message For You From God

The wicked are being asked, in Psalm 50:16-23, what they have to do with God's current state of affairs. So, why should you bring up my covenant when you have refused to accept my correction, and you have rejected my covenant by becoming a friend to thieves, associating with adulterers, speaking negatively about your relatives, speaking negatively about your brothers, and slandering your own mother's son?

In which of these undoings are you not a participant? It's easy to forget that God is an unseen guest at every meal, a silent listener to every conversation, and that he even hears what we say in our bedchambers. People of God who should live and demonstrate exemplary lives to unbelievers are subjected to an excessive amount of gossip these days. Currently, God is stating that the mere fact that He is remaining silent regarding our sinful practices does not imply that He approves of these practices. A Christian should conduct himself or herself in a morally upright manner in speech, thought, and action.

As soon as we descend to the level of gossiping and mudslinging, we have automatically fallen below the level of the wicked. We must take these statements seriously because they are causing God a great deal of irritation. As followers of Christ, our responsibility should be to do what will bring joy to our heavenly Father, rather than what will tear His heart apart and cause Him sorrow.

May we pay attention to His message to us right now and correct our mistakes, or else He will tear us apart and there will be no one to save us from ourselves. What God requires of us is that we offer praises that glorify Him and that we order our conversations correctly, and He will provide us with His salvation.

You should keep an eye on the conversation you've been dragged into. Is it intended to bring glory to God, or is it intended to destroy your fellow being? If it contains elements of devastation, get away from it before you become involved in and share in other people's sinfulness. Being forewarned is the same as being forearmed.

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