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The Gentle Force that Moves the Earth

The Gentle force that moves the earth  (Opinion)

In Matthew 5:5, Jesus describes the force that is capable to conquer all other forces in the world when he says; blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Other version says the earth belongs to them.

Meekness is simple but mighty in impacts. Meekness is a shield and defence against arrows of pride and vainglory.

Who really are the meek and what does it mean to be meek?

They are the people who are humble and gentle in spirit first with themselves and then to others. They are calm and considerate. They do not think too highly of themselves. They are unaffected by the troubles and worries of life. They are contented. They are kind. They are at peace with themselves and others.

They do not generate and trouble the earth and its people with negative thoughts and actions. They add value to the earth and its people. By such living, they gain mastery or control over the elements of the earth. Nothing can move them. They are stable and settled.

They are in control of their flesh. And have their emotions in submission to them and God. The earth yields to such and they will not suffer the pains and hardships the earth inflicts on its inhabitants.

The Lord is quoting from David’s Psalm 37:11; “but the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”

Meekness is the attribute of Jesus. Meekness is a spirit. Meekness puts you on top. Every man God ever exalted or promoted is characterized by humility. Jesus and Moses are great examples of this. Read about Moses in Numbers 12 and the Lord Jesus himself in Philippians 1.

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