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Reatsotella| Bishop Makamu has solved a huge problem on the show, see details



They are a lot of positive reactions that are currently happening on social media platforms about last night's show of Reatsotella, we're Bishop Makamu was on a serious mission of helping people who are experiencing difficulties in their lives because of the challenges that they are facing.

Makuma has not been on the good side of his viewers since the sexual harassment case that he was accused of by one of his church members that said that Makuma was asking her for sex, this has damaged his reputation a lot because people lost respect for him as a pastor.

Most pastors were also playing far from Makamu because they didn't want the bad publicity that can come from the media because of this thing that he has done in the past months, and this has caused many people to feel like the body of Christ is under attack because of this activities.

A lot has happened in the past but the Bishop has been forgiven by his followers and employers we're they asked him to return to the show, which looked more challenging for him because people didn't forget what has happened in the past where they were accusing the pastor of taking sides.

But the Monday show has made people happy because they were talking about certain things that were happening on the show which has won their hearts, and it has given hope to them where people were expressing their views about issues that they are dealing with every day.

This has helped the confidence of Makamu a lot because most people expect pastors to give solutions to every problem that they are facing, and sometimes they have been blamed for not helping people where they have failed to resolve the problems that people are having at home and work.

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