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Humble yourself God will lift you up, see Sindi Dlathu is doing : Opinion know how it is with people, especially black people. The moment we start making money, we start to reveal our true colours. when we are still small and struggling to make ends meet, we are very humble. We can greet everybody with honor, we can treat people with honor, we can and tolerate a lot of things, we can be patient with a lot of things, and a lot of people, but the moment we start making money, we reveal our true colors.

I believe that money does not change people, it reveals them. It is something that was always within you, but it needed money for it to come out. If a person was proud, but somehow due to poverty looked humble, wait until money comes. The day he starts to afford the things that he always wanted, that's when what was laying with him comes out, that's when the true spirit is displayed.

Poverty hides people's true colors, when money come that's when we will see the person, which means, he waa never a person that we thought he was. So that monster was there, it only needed money for it to be amplified, and to come out in full potential.

If a person is a humble is humble, whether that person has got money or not. Humility is a virtue, it is a God-given virtual. Not everybody can be humble, most of our people we grew up without money, we grew up struggling, and it seems like we are humble people just because we are worshipping those that are putting food on our tables.

We are worshipping those that have been helping us in life, so now it looks like we are humble, not know that the situation is forcing us to go down, so that we may keep on getting favours from our helpers.

We know with this woman Sindi, she has achieved a lot in her acting career. One of the most famous superstar in Mzansi. She is rocking famous soapies, she is the staring on The River. She is the superstar there, she is the driver behind the wheel, she makes people go crazy over this soapie. I believe that the River would not be interesting without her, but if she keeps herself to the ground, still she keeps herself humble.

I think she is one of the people that grew up knowing their values, that it is not what I have that make me valuable, but it is what I am. What we are is more important than what we have. Material things that are given on a person without character are worthless. They can't add any value to that person.

Material things should come to a person that has got value, and those materials will have a value. The house of a fool looks foolish, because the person who owns it does not value himself. So a good car does not make you great, greatness is something that is within, you are the one that make the car great. Which means that house and that car is honoured to be owned by you. The blessing is on you not on a thing.

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Sindi Dlathu


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