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If You Are Such A Person That Treat Your Staffs As Slaves, Here Is Godly Counsel For You

"And ye masters, do the same unto them, forbearing threats, knowing that your Master is also in heaven, and that there is no regard of persons with him." Ephesians 6:9

Many people treat their employees—personal assistants, housekeepers, gatekeepers, gardeners, and others—as if they were a lower species of human. That employee of yours is a human being, just like you. There are no distinctions with God; you are merely blessed to be his or her employer or boss while he or she serves you. There is joy in Heaven when such people dedicate their life to Christ, just as there is when a nation's president is born again.

Would you like your boss to treat you the same way he or she treats your housekeepers or some subordinates? If you want to be respected at work, why not show it to those who work for you? They are, after all, at their various offices, regardless of how low their ranks may be. Don't make them eat your leftovers or sleep in the kitchen, and don't insult or slap them. “And as you would have men do unto you, do unto them likewise,” Jesus instructed (Luke 6:31).

Most domestic staff, as well as some other junior employees who work with you, have access to more information about you than many of the individuals you like, and hence can harm or help you. Your housekeeper has unrestricted access to your food and can put whatever he or she wants in it without your permission. Your gateman can also pick who comes in and out of your residence, so he can let in undesirable visitors late at night if he wishes. Every time your driver takes you out, he is essentially holding your life in his hands. The worst you can do is make them feel useless and most likely withhold their money, which God strongly opposes.

“Thou shalt give him his hire on his day, and the sun shall not set on it; for he is poor, and his heart is set upon it; lest he cry against thee vnto the LORD, and it be sin unto thee.” (Deuteronomy 24:15)

The worst they can do to you will have far-reaching ramifications. This is why you must teach kids God's word while also being concerned about their progress in life. Look at them as God does, and you will be blessed as a result.

Your domestic employees, as well as everyone else who works with you, are fellow humans who are cared for by God. You should do the same.

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