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Man trends for refusing to remove balaclava at his graduation ceremony, allegedly afraid of witches

This Happened in KwaZulu-Natal Province during Graduation ceremony at University of Zululand  

New Graduate refused to remove his Balaclava because he is afraid of witchcraft.


This man is trending online for refusing to remove his balaclava. The allegations are saying that the man is afraid of witchcraft. So I think the man does not want the people in his village to see his face because, if they can see it, they may be visiting him at night.

This is it the most illogical theory that I have ever heard ever since I was born. How would a person go to a graduation ceremony with a paragraph. How would a person hid himself to spoil his day. The day that is supposed to be happy, all his thinking is witchcraft. He doesn't want to be be witched he says. Witches will get him anyway, they already know who he is because witchcraft is not a physical thing, it's a spiritual thing, so they know him already.

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Balaclava KwaZulu-Natal Province


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