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Zimbabwean Prophet Charges South Africans For Prayers and Then Spends it on Alcohol

Date: 17/01/22



Prophet Java is one of the biggest names in South Africa right now. This is after he spent a total of R1.3 million at a club in Pretoria last week. Many people wondered where exactly does he get so much money from and it turns out that he makes it through his many churches. He also has exclusive prayer appointment that costs his followers more than a thousand rand for a prayer. This seems to be where he gets his money from.


This prophet was not so known before his huge show off. He bought more than 100 bottles of champagne at a club on his birthday and had it poured on him. As a prophet, he didn't not drink any of the alcohol and he just had them pure it on him for almost 30 minutes.

This really captured a lot of attention from the public as they wanted to know how he makes his money. He offers prayers that according to him it will open doors for financial success for many South Africans. This little stunt that he pulled has gained him a massive amount of my followers who want to get rich just like them.


It is highly unfortunate when you see a prophet who calls themselves a man of God do such things. He is not supposed to be spending money on alcohol as a man of God but was supposed to use the money to help the poor. It is obvious that South Africans have been brainwashed to care more about money and than the word of god. And until this changes such prophets will continue getting paid to pray for people and then blowing all the money on unnecessary things.

What is your take on the matter?

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