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"When you give Chinese 99-year lease of land, Who will suffer when you are gone? (Joshua Maphonga)

Here Joshua maponga has got a point. I might not be agreeing with a lot of things that this guy says, I might not be a fan of most of the things that comes out of his mouth, especially when he trash talk christian and God, but here he does have a point.

Our land is sold out to foreigners. Have you ever been in some of our towns where you see there is a vacant land. There that land which just there, it is not for anything. They are not a planning to give stands, and they are not planning to make it into a park or anything, but after 10 to 15 years, you will see a foreign company coming to build a factory or an industry.

What happens to the land benefiting it's indigenous people. So many people are looking for land. The true inheritance according to the Bible, it is land. It is not living in town, it is land, that is the most important thing.

Why don't you ask yourself, why the white people are living in farms, while black people are taking pride in living in towns. Black people love to live in locations, in rural areas and suburbs, that is not life.

The white people they know the secret of having occupied the land. The people that are in town they are fed by people that are living in farms. The difference between people that live in farms and the people that live in suburbs, is that the people that live in suburbs, they may look wealthy, sometime they may look like they are living a luxurious life, but the difference is that, the people who live in the suburbs they are just consumers, they don't own anything. The people that are living in farms, they are producers, which means the lives of the people that lives in suburbs depends on the lives of the people that lives in farms.

So if a farmer does not produce, the people that are living in town would die of hunger. If a farmer experience drought, it means the world will be on its knees. So the people in farms they are the engine of the economy of our country. They are the reason why people are living and eating, that is why land is important.

"When you give Chinese 99-year lease of land... Who will suffer when you are gone...? Are you not selling the future of our children? Think for the next generation... These deals are chaining the youth to your greedy! Look into the future NOT your pocket!"

~Maponga Joshua III

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