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"There are 60 prophecies already fulfilled about end time (Archbishop Dunken Williams)

The disciples asked Jesus that, "when will we know that it is time of the end? Jesus did not give them the exact time in his answer. He said, "when you see the fig tree starting to shade Leaves, then you must know that, summer is in near.

So he gave the disciples the signs of time, that when you see these things happening, you must know that the end is near, he didn't say it is the end, but he said you must know that the end is near.

So according to Archbishop Duncan Williams, 60 signs have been fulfilled, only 14 are left. I don't know where did he get the number, but if you go through this video and listen, you'll hear him explaining everything, even the mark of the Beast.

The end time is closer than we expect. How prepared are we for the second coming of the Lord? If you have not given your life to Jesus Christ, the time is now!!! I encourage you to live your life in anticipation of the rapture. Do not miss this flight into eternity.

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