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God Answer Prayers, Pray And Receive

I know how overwhelming it is, to pray for something or about something and don't see its manifestation at the time that you thought it would have manifested.

The Bible says, pray without ceasing. It tells again to thank God in everything. God hears you the moment you open your mouth and pray. He hears even the silent prayers you make in your heart and He responds instantly so.

The only thing you have to do after praying, is to believe that you shall receive as you have asked, thank God in advance and have patience to await the manifestation of your prayer request.

We most of the time rush God to do as we ask Him, instantly. The Bible says, there's a time for everything.

There's a time for you to pray, a time for you to wait patiently and expectantly. Hear me, God hears you instantly and respond instantly, it's the manifestation that you have to wait for, to be patient for.

We fail to wait because we want things to happen according to our will and not that of the Lord. May we align our wills it the Will of God and see how God will work wonders in your life because you would have given Him the permission to work in your life.

The Bible in the book of Jeremiah 29:11, God has only good plans for our lives, plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and future.

Please believe me this day when I say God answers prayers. We just have to practice patience.

The art of waiting. Not just waiting but waiting on the Lord expectantly and patiently. We end up missing out on the blessings of God because we fail to wait, and in failing to wait, doubt floods our minds.

We end up thinking that God does not hear our prayers when we pray. Let's pray for the spirit of patience to be present whenever we ask from God, so we can be able to wait for what we have prayed for.

I then asked myself if I have to pray consistently for one thing over and over again until I see it's manifestation. Some says, we should pray until something happens. Some says, pray once and wait for its manifestation.

Then I reached a conclusion that, the Spirit of God will lead you as to how to pray. As I have mentioned, the Bible says we should pray without ceasing, meaning, we should pray continuously.

We also have to understand that praying is not just there if you want to ask something from God. No. Prayer is our way of communicating and connecting with God, our Father.

How do you go on with your daily routines without having spoken to anyone even a stranger? As a true believer, a Christian, you can never go a day without having conversed with God.

We keep contact with God as much as we want Him to be present whenever we feel like we need Him. We have to stay in touch with the Holy Spirit.

Unless your phone is plugged to a charger, when your battery is low, it's going to go off and you won't be able to use your social networks, communicate with your contacts or worse, operate it.

Same applies to when you don't pray. You die spiritually, you lose connection with God. Unless you are plugged to the Source, unless you pray, you lose your connection with God, our Father.

How many times have you prayed and seen God's hand working in your life? I do believe with all my heart that, you can even make a list of all the things you've prayed for and actually seen their manifestation.

Do not stop praying, dear child of God. Just believe God for a miracle in your life and witness it taking place. I pray that God grants you the Spirit of Patience so that you can wait for what you have prayed for.

God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you'll pray and when He responds, it won't be the same way as you have expected because the way God does things, it's not the same as ours, and the way God thinks, it's not the way we think.

God will provide for you what He knows is best for you. He will not allow you to receive what will harm you, as His plan is to prosper you and not harm you.

Believe in yourself. Believe in the prayers you make and don't lose your connection with God, thinking that God does not hear your prayers.

Just wait on the Lord because He knows what you need. He will give it you just in time. Wait on the Lord patiently and expectantly. God will come through for you.

May God bless and grant you as you wish. May you witness God's greatness in the land of the living. May you be blessed in abundance. God loves you so much that He wants nothing bad befall you.

Just trust and obey. Some people trust in chariots, and some people trust in earthly things. Let's trust in the Name of the Lord our God.

Can we say this prayer together,

Heavenly Father, in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. All Glory and Honour belongs to You. You deserve all our praises, Mighty God. There is none like You and there never be anyone like You. You are incomparable. You are Mighty, You are Holy, You are Great, Jehovah is Your name, You are a Mighty Warrior, so Great in battle.

Dear God, we rely and depend on you. You are Mighty to save. Instill in us the Spirit of waiting for You patiently, believing that You hear us when we pray Lord.

We want to see Your glory Lord in our lives. May Your power befall us, may we experience Your goodness Lord in the land of the living.

Thank You for loving us so much and unconditionally so. Thank You for Your Grace and Mercy, faithful Lord.

Help us to do Your Will. Help us to serve You Lord.

We ask all this in the Powerful name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, AMEN.

God answers prayer. Best believe it.

May God bless you. Have faith as you're about to have your prayers answered. You are loved.

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