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Being chosen by your ancestors

"Being called by my ancestors is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I lost everything I ever had", a complaint in one of my groups.

We have to understand African mystery systems as are very complex systems. They are aligned exactly as the balanced state of the universe where everything is at equilibrium. If a star dies one is born in its place to complete the equilibrium. 

In order for the Sun to be born a virgin the next day in the East it has to die or set first in the West. The Sun is born for us everyday in the morning, hence we say "He died and resurrected.

, "His imminent return", "He defeated death...". In fact, no one was referring to Jesus but the Lord of the sky - the Sun.

When we say the Lord was tormented, crucified and humiliated publicly before his death we referred to the Sun as the Lord that was born and rose a virgin in the morning to save us from the darkness of Seth (Satan) and this Lord we pay homage to in the mornings.

When the Lord has risen we throw insults at the Lord in words such as "This sun it killing us, it is hot", "this hot sun took away our freedom to do whatever we want.

we cannot work because of the heat of the sun", etc. This is how crucified the Lord is publicly because we forget that the Lord (Sun) is there to help us.

There was no Jesus's story when Akhenaten and Nefertiti came up with this Sun worship, monotheism, 2000 years before Niceau conference that created Jesus storyline.

This was the beginning of the worship of One God/Lord which is the Sun long before Jesus even was said to be born. This Lord is Amen-Ra, Ramasedi in our Southern Sesotho. No Allah, no God.

So when the ancestors come with their healing gifts they must first kill your ego. They must first bring you to the zero position of the Sun that must die and reborn and rise to its glory; to be tormented .

and crucified publicly by the people you are meant to save. This was plagiarised into "Jesus was put on the cross". 

In order to understand and fullfil African mystery systems, from initiation schools to marriage, you must first die inside, your ego must be destroyed so as you can be born a virgin, meaning now you are renewed.

So our sufferings are for us to be one with the Sun that is born to save us from evil Seth but end up being crucified by the very people it was meant to save.

They may take away your car, your house, your dignity, your husband, your fertility, etc, and the severity of it depending on how they know your level of stubbornness. The submissive you are the lighter the process on initiation.

But the process has to begin with empty ego, an empty pride and a crushed sense of being. It is at this period of nothingness in us that the light will shine, hence we say "Lesedi/Khanya".

At the end of the process you are born a very bright, proud, powerful, egoistic, with wisdom, knowledge and courage to face Seth (evil) head on.

You would be able to defeat any level of criticism, you would be disciplined, reliable, cautious and strict. Most importantly you would regain all you have lost.

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