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Here Is The Second Largest South African Initiated Church

Let me give you a hint: The founder and leader of this church was a prophet alleged to be sent by God to restore the teachings of Moses and Jesus Christ. Does anyone come to your mind?

Let me stop beating around the bush, the name of the church in question is very popular on social media and on SABC News these days. This church was founded in 1910 by prophet Isaiah Shembe. 

I am quite sure that you already know by now that I am talking about the Nazareth Baptist Church. The NBC is the second largest initiated church in South Africa, some people know this church as Shembe. 


This church is also known for incorporating culture and religion. Despite recent scandals and court cases, the Nazareth Baptist Church still has a large number of followers even though its members have been divided by church conflicts. 

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Isaiah Shembe. Mlexie NBC Shembe. South Africa


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