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Avoid these 6 things that bring demons into your life.

Demons are spirits who simply live to help their master. As the supreme leader of all demonic spirits hiding in our world, Lucifer is known as "the Great Satan." According to the Holy Bible, following the failed conquest of heaven, Lucifer gathered all the demons into an army to fight against God's plan on earth, according to the Bible. 2 Corinthians 4: 4 (New International Version)

 These wandering spirits are greatly influenced by good families. However, there is a secret: every demon needs permission to enter a person's life before doing so. It is not uncommon for demons to enter your life through six (6) methods. When you stay away from these things, no demon can get close to your area. Make sure you are not like Thomas, who insisted on seeing the hands and feet of Jesus Christ before believing in his resurrection. Spiritual things are difficult to understand with the mind of the flesh unless one has the ability to discern in the spirit world. I urge all Christians to fast and pray for strength and spiritual skills that will help them to understand the mystery. The whole Bible may be in your hands now, but if you have never studied demons and never worked to save, how can you know the secrets and practices of these demons? There are those who live with a group of demons that have been inside their bodies. As a result, I strongly urge you to stay away from things that allow these powerful creatures to enter your life. Let's get things started right now.

 (1) Fornication is sin.

 Fornication is defined as sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse. It is not surprising that immoral people will not be allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. There are various demons that work to stimulate sexual desire and sexual fantasies in the minds of anyone who may encounter them. If you give in to these temptations and engage in premarital sex, you are, in effect, allowing them to enter your home and life. To avoid this, just try and get married. Just be content with your wife, that's all there is to it.

 (2) Spiritism is involvement with the occult.

 The practice of spiritism is a form of spiritism that seeks to get the help of spirits to complete our work. Spirits are called upon for blessing and prosperity. Others use it to curse their enemies, who have offended them. Inviting these spirits and pouring out drinks causes the drunks to drink alcohol in a glass before drinking it again. If you do this, then you are allowing these demons to enter illegally and have control over your life, and allow them to control you. To avoid this, learn to pray to Almighty God for all your needs and to seek the help of spirits to avoid falling into this trap.

 (3) Tobacco use and alcohol abuse.

 "Tabar" is the name of an existing demon. This powerful demon can control people who cannot go out for a day without drinking or smoking. The Devil stalks people who are dependent on tobacco and alcohol. Something forces you to drink and smoke all the time, and you need to know that the demons are trying to get you to do this. Be sure to pray about this and avoid drinking and smoking. He gives the demons easy access to your life.

 (4) Parental disagreements.

 Another thing that can allow demons to enter your life is through demonic covenants that were sealed by our ancestors many years before we were born, giving them access to our lives. For example, some parents want the protection of their children, and the spirits of those parents will continue to communicate with the next generation even after their parents die. These spirits can be seen by you in your dreams. It is better to seek salvation from a great servant of God than to seek protection from the demons of your children. In the future, it will wage war on the unborn.

 (5) Having a demonic object in your hand.

 Another way demons can get into your life is to have a demonic thing in your house. Some items can be directly linked to spirits, and bringing these things into your home can bring demons into your home. For example, a ring may be connected to a spirit. However, keep in mind that not all rings are possessed by demons. When you buy a ring, pray before you put it on, or more, let the great man of God pray before you put it on.

 (6) Pornography.

 Avoid pornography and other immoral material if you want to keep the devil out of your life. Many demons are often connected to these abominations.

 It has a list of six features that can give the demons access to your life. If you stay away from them, you will be set free.

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