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Rahab The Harlot Of Jericho That Became The Grandmother Of Jesus. How? Let's Read And Learn

Rahab appeared from her window as the light of dawn streamed onto the plain surrounding Jericho. An invading army was gathered out there​—the forces of Israel. As they began yet another march around the city, the dust rose in their wake and the blare of horns again pierced the air.

Jericho was Rahab’s home; she knew its streets, its houses, its teeming markets and shops. She knew its people even better. She could sense their fear intensifying as the days passed and Israel continued this strange ritual​—marching around the city once each day. As the sound of their horns echoed in the streets and squares of Jericho, though, Rahab did not feel the dread and despair that her people did.

Rahab watched as the army began its march early on this seventh day. Amid the Israelite soldiers, she saw their priests blowing horns and bearing the sacred ark that represented the presence of their God, Jehovah. We might imagine Rahab’s hand resting on a scarlet cord hanging from her window, which looked out from Jericho’s great wall. That cord reminded Rahab of her hope that she and her family would survive the destruction of the city. Was Rahab a traitor? Certainly not to Jehovah; he saw her as a woman of remarkable faith. Let us go back to the beginning of Rahab’s story and see what we can learn from her.

Rahab was a prostitute. That stark fact so alarmed some Bible commentators in the past that they claimed that she was merely an innkeeper. The Bible, though, is quite clear and does not whitewash the facts. (Joshua 2:1; Hebrews 11:31; James 2:25) In Canaanite society, Rahab’s profession was probably respectable enough. However, culture cannot always eradicate conscience, that inner sense of right and wrong that Jehovah has given us all. (Romans 2:14, 15) Rahab may have keenly sensed that her way of life was degrading. Perhaps, like many today in such walks of life, she felt that she was trapped, with no other choice if she wanted to care for her family. under Cananites it had to be destroyed in order for them to pass through. This resulted in Israelites spies going to the city at night to spy on it. What made Jehovah God about was that Rahab a prostitute in profession welcomed this men of God.

After the Israelites had cross the river of Jordan into the land of Canaan. The first city they met was Jericho. It was not jut easy to pass the great city. Since it fell under Canaanites whom Israelites had to destroy in order to take the land.

After listening to how they were going to destroy the city through the help of Jehovah. Rahab feared the ordeal they will face when Israel invaded the city. From that moment she asked to be safed together with her family. The men told him to put a red cord as a warning to avoid destruction.

After that she hid the men from soldiers of Jericho. The spies were able to return back to their people safely through the cord. After seven days had passed on the seventh day the Israelites blew their horns and the great city fell except only the house of Rahab who even saved his family.

What a lesson do we learn? Indeed we see that a sinner can be saved at the last minute. Rahab showed a great faith to Jehovah whom she never knew and as a result she got married to Salmon who became father of Boaz and Boaz through Ruth became father to Obed. Obed became father to Jesse. Jesse became father to David. David became father to Solomon by wife of Uriah. Then Rahab was blessed for being the grandmother of Jesus for fear and faith he showed to Jehovah God.

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