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So degrading, the man of God was caught mating a married woman behind the sound system on the stage

So degrading, the man of God is caught mating a married woman behind the sound system on the stage guys have just done the unthinkable. I don't have words to say. I really don't know what's wrong with Nigerians and Ghanaians pastors. We have seen what most of the pastors coming out of these country are capable of, before other countries can even imitate what these guys are doing.

Most of the time, the people that are now practicing these abominable things from other countries, they have only started doing that when they started associating with the pastors from these west African countries.

We have seen men of God teaching sexual positions in front of everybody in church. We have seen a man of God touching women in an awkward way. They are some men of God who were being carried on the back of the woman, some shaving women's temple.

They are men of God touching women's melons, praying for them saying, they're casting out demons. We've seen abominable things practiced by so-called pastors in West Africa. Very few pastors can be trusted in West Africa.

Most of them they are in a serious business to promote the kingdom of darkness. You can imagine what happened with this pastor. I know that pastors are humans, but why with a married woman in a church full of young single ladies, even divorced and widowed one?

He chose to do that with a married woman. Why a married woman? This is where we become so suspicious that, is he a man of God in the first place? Because if he chooses a married woman, it could mean that the spirit inside him has demanded that kind of act. As you know that these spirits, they always demand the sacrifices that are impossible.

So right now they got caught, and besides that she's a married woman. They are doing it on the stage where he prays for people, were he conduct deliverance, where the worship team sings, and using the church sound as a hide out.

What a pathetic thing this is? that's where you can see that the devil after is done using you, he will destroy you. This is one of the things that the devil does, no more have work for this guy, he is done with him, he has done what he wanted him to do, now he is dumping him embarrassingly so.

I just wish that people can learn that, the devil is loyal to nobody. This has just degraded in the church, and the body of Jesus Christ. What a shame, he lost integrity, the woman will lose her family. He will lose the church and the family, probably no offering will be coming to him anymore, the woman who also lose her integrity and so much more, for what? Was it worth it?

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