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Here is the guy who exposes Prophet Makandiwa for paying him to set up Jay Israel

This guy is coming on Facebook to show the people a lot of documents on his video, and claiming that he has been paid by Emmanuel Makandiwa to frame the Jay Israel or for setting him up. From the time Jay Israel was criticizing Makandiwa to the time where he has admitted that he was a wrong, Makandiwa is a real man of God. This guy is saying it was all part of the project.

He claims Jay Israeli was also paid to restrain from exposing Emmanuel Makandiwa and if you now try to analyse the statements of this guy, nothing makes sense, because it is all twisted facts.

In the first place those documents and papers that he is showing on his video, they are not visible enough for people to make a conclusion. They can't conclude that what this guy is saying is true. Right now if we look into it, this guy said he was paid to set up Jay Israel then from that he payed Jay Israel to speak about Makandiwa in a positive light.

I know that Jay Israel loves money, that is his biggest weakness. There are a lot of people that he has scammed trying to get money out of them. In fact he has even blackmailed some people just for him to get money. He even dated the cougars, just for him to get money, that's how Jay Israel is, but we are talking about prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa here. The noble man of God, now that TB Joshua is gone to be with the Lord, people succeeded in killing him with stress over these false allegations, now they want to kill Makandiwa tooo, now they are going for him because he is one of the noble man of God that are left. May God help this demonic generation.

Proof Of Payment From Emmanuel Makandiwa - on the project to set up Jay Israel. (Ep 45)

On this day (30-10-2020) i first had a meeting with Makandiwa’s spiritual son to discuss how we can set up Jay. I latter spoke with Makandiwa himself to confirm that I received the payment in cash and he promised to give me more if i deliver on the first project.

Guess what - I delivered and he was impressed, so we engaged again in multiple projects to set up everyone that seemed as a threat to Makandiwa including other prophets..

I have every footage which i saved as proof of projects we worked on...I believe this is the time set by God to expose who Makandiwa really is, his manipulations, brutality and occultism.


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