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Bishop Msiza explains the blessing behind tithes and what it is used for: Opinion

At Jesus Celebration Center, Polokwane, Dalmatia, Sunday Live Service

The man of God that we are talking about here is about 82 years old. The men that has been preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ for over 40 years. I think he is worth listening because he knows what he is talking about.

This old man was preaching at a church that I attended this morning, Jesus Celebration Center in Dalmada Polokwane. The man of God was invited to come and preach there and give an elrderly blessing. He started speaking about the importance of being faithful in tithes. He read from the book of Malachi chapter 3. The Bible says, "will a man rob, and the children of Israel asked God, where have we robbed you, then God says to them in offering and tithes. He said to them "test me and see, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you, and the pour such a blessing on you that there would be no room. Bring tithes into my storehouse, so that they may be food. The Lord continued to promise the children of Israel that after they've brought their tithes, He'll rebuke the devourer for their are sake. So now the men of God went on to feather explain what does tithes do for a believer and also to explain to people that the tithes is not freewill offering. Tithe is 10% of your income, it is to be paid paid. The bible does not put it as a suggestion, has to be paid, it doesn't have to be given because it is not an offering, it is a portion that belongs to God.

After every blessing God gave you, you with you need to give him 10% that is why even God himself says bring tithe, into my house. It doesn't negotiate with the people, he doesn't put it as a suggestion, which means it is a command. So the man of God puts it very clear to the people, why tithes should be paid and what it does with your life, when you become faithful to it. So I began to see why it is important for people to pay tithes, i was one of the critics of it, but after this old man explains, I believe that it is the right thing to do for people to pay their tithes faithfully

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