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Prayer: Oh God, Let The Spirit Of David Come Upon My Life And Make Me An Extremely Rare Giver

"If anyone speaks, let him speak as God's oracles; if anyone ministers, let him minister as God's ability allows, so that God may be praised in all things through Jesus Christ, to whom be honor and dominion forever and ever, Amen." 1 Peter 4:11

Read 1 Chronicles 22:14–16.

Before receiving God's blessings, some people make a variety of vows, pledges, and promises, but once they obtain the blessings, they make no effort to maintain their promise, redeem their vow, or honor the verbal commitment they made to God. If you are the parent of one of these children, now is the time to repent and keep your promises. If we look closely at the patriarchs of the past, we will discover some truly driven individuals to learn from.

Take, for example, David. When the Almighty God lifted him up and blessed him, he was merely a shepherd lad. What did he do with the blessings he had received? He was resolved to construct a temple for God in his heart, but God told him, "Your hands are full of blood because you are a warrior." I'm not going to let a soldier like you construct me a shrine." "Lord, if You would not allow me to build You a temple, I will supply the majority of the funds required, while you can appoint someone else to supervise the construction," he said. We witness David honoring his pledge to God in 1 Chronicles 22: 14-15. His heart was in the right place. David donated the majority of the gold, silver, bronze, and other resources that Solomon required to construct the Temple of God.

Furthermore, a detailed examination of the events in 2 Samuel 24: 22-24 reveals something about David's attitude toward giving. He never made a haphazard offering to God as a matter of principle. Whenever he had the opportunity to give an offering to God, he did it generously and sacrificially. He took pleasure in offering to God in a healthy way. It's no surprise that he was financially and materially blessed beyond measure.

In today's terms, he was a millionaire if you total together what he gave towards the construction of the temple on his own. He gave 3,400 metric tons of gold, 34,000 metric tons of silver, and an unknown amount of bronze. What is your perspective on giving? Do you wait to be pushed, forced, or pleaded with before giving to God? What is the most priceless gift you've ever made to God? Is it still your habit to give to God only when you can afford it?

God's exponential benefits will be more than you can manage when you receive them. They will go above and beyond your expectations. So, what do you intend to do with such good fortune? Have you informed God of your situation? Do you have a burden or a vision for God's Kingdom that you want to pursue?

God is the greatest provider, and if you share His nature, you will give sacrificially in the same way He does.

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