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Here is how woman bow down to a prophet that got everyone talking

Exodus 20: Do not bow to anyone or anything besides me


However, you here at Born Again say that the "Old Testament no longer applies."


So people should bow to others????


"As stated in Hebrews, the old testament was a shadow of what was to come."Note that there are laws which were nailed with Jesus on the cross and some laws are still working today... So you must know all this.


You must also consider "Venda" people dump.... because they also bow before their husbands and elders ne...


You quickly judge, you bow for money, jobs and s * x etc in your corners when no one is seeing you.



You can bow to show respect to your elders to show respect, your father, your husband. That's according to African traditions and culture, but even here it's the same thing. Don't bow to another man. It means bowing to worship just like you shall not make your image. Yes, your image and everyone has their images in their houses, but the verse talks about your image to worship. So, since I am not in their shoes, I will not go deeper. Those with minds will understand.


Why was the old testament done away with to begin with?

Why is it still in that black book and used to defend themselves from something when they are cornered?Women women women, but they can't do it to their own husbands, which is why bishop Makamu once stated that 20% of women in the church want to sleep with the pastor/bishop.


When black people interpret the Holy Bible in a traditional manner.

Afrcan minds are initiated into ancestral worship with the concept of "God is far from Humans" as a core reason to practice such sin of creating their own gods on earth.


If the old testament was still in use, none of these atrocities in churches would have occurred.These young boys are taking so much advantage and are messing up people's lives while at it.


Jesus and the Apostles spoke about false teachers and false Prophets, but their ministry was not concentrating on false teachings but on the TRUTH and the Kingdom of God. For the Bible says "you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. It is the truth that makes people free... What is the truth? The Bible says your WORD is the Truth. Let us try to minimize the teachings of Deception and maximize the teachings of the gospel of Truth. " said a Facebook follower






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