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According to your star sign this is how you comfort people when they are down


Gets passionate, maybe a bit aggressive towards the problem. Will try to help by physically doing something about it. They are determined to help and may impulsively do something to fix it for you


Offers physical comfort. Will hug or cuddle you to make you feel better. Maybe the type to offer food to you in order to uplift your mood. Maybe the type to pamper you with physical care


Will try to find a logical solution to the problem/think of different ways to change the situation. May be the type to try and get your mind off it. Will send you memes to uplift your mood


Maybe the type to listen to your problem and cry about it with you. They offer emotional and physical comfort. Usually, the type to give an empathic response. The type to encourage you to accept and allow the emotion to pass


Affirms you of your own self worth/beauty and spreads uplifting affirmations that shed light on problems. Often hype you up if the problem is regarding the self. May be the type of lighten the mood with jokes


Will analyse what you did to cause the problem in order to help prevent this from reoccurring. May help you solve the solution by approaching it in a methodical way. Could criticize what you did to allow the problem to happen, but they have good intentions


Will give you an ear and a shoulder to cry on. Often fights for you and attempts to find a solution that leaves you and any other party involved satisfied. Will worry about your problem and check up on you often


Likely encourages you to listen to your intuition. May encourage you to dig deep and transform yourself to better deal with the situation. Often will not say anything or comment about the problem unless asked to


Will do something to help get your mind off the problem. "Let's go on an adventure". Can give very wise advice, or not have any advice. Either way, they will try to cheer you up. The type to take you out to forget


May try and help you forget about the problem or will go out of their way to fix it for you. Will try to solve the problem in the most practical way possible. Awkward around people who cry


May come across as cold, as they may advise/help you but rarely do anything to fix the problem for you. May encourage you to come up with a new and innovative way to approach the problem. May be quick to change the subject


Will offer you emotional comfort as well. The type to watch a sad movie with you or give a long silent hug. Will continuously ask how you are afterward. Also very likely to give an empathic response and cry with you

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