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Your Laughter Mood Awaits You With These Funny Memes And Photos


"Abraham after trying to sacrifice Isaac"

Abraham: Son, you know I love you



Her: "my child only speaks English

The child: "mummy, the remote she's where?"



The day you are looking for a job and find the CEO is your x, My friend you will know why mathematics always tells us to find the value of X.


When a girl visits you and loses her earring in your bed, you will look for it for weeks and never find it. But let your girlfriend come around and Boom!! She finds it on the pillow.


Mom: Where's the report?

Me : We were 31 in class.

Mom: So where's the report?

Me : Only two passed.

Mom: Ok where's the report?

Me : Even the genius failed.

Mom: Aargghh man where's the report?

Me : They didn't give us notes.

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Abraham English Isaac


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