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Say these 5 Prayer Points To Our Heavenly Father For Appreciation

As children of God, we should appreciate our heavenly Father for his blessings in our life. As Christians, we offer prayers in times of need, so we should also offer prayers to appreciate our heavenly Father as well.

Kindly join me and say five prayer points to appreciate our father in heaven;

1) Father in heaven, I thank you for keeping me alive to fulfil my destiny here on earth.

2) Father in heaven, I thank you for providing new opportunities for me to progress in life.

3) Father in heaven, I thank you for my sound health.

4) Father in heaven, I appreciate you for bringing me this far in life, I know that it's not by my doing but by your divine intervention in my life.

5) Father in heaven, I glorify your name and exalt you for you are God.

If you prayed with these prayer points, kindly go to the comments section below and type "amen". Follow me for more prayer points and remain blessed.

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