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Importance of accepting your spiritual journey

You an empathy👏👏🕯️🕯️🕊️🕊️

*you feel the emotions of others.

*you take on the energy of others.

*strangers always ask for your advise.

*you drained by negative people.

*when others are happy you happy.

*You take on the energy of others.

*You may get into argument and later feels pity for the one you argued with.

*you always chose peaceful places instead of noisy and crowded places.

*You always put others first and yourself last even if you yourself are carrying load of problems.

*You hate to see other down being maltreated.

*The weather changes your mood swings and drains your energy.

*You can feel and see things before they happen.

*You can sense your loved ones energy no matter where they are. if they face trouble you will feel things in your body the kind of unexplainable tiredness that later lead you to hear of awful news.

*You listen to people energies mostly not words.

*Your intuition is really accurate most times.

*You so easy to be drawn by the TV or movie actions if one feels overwhelmed in the story you too feel to cry on their behalf

*You despise inhumanity and admires humanity

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