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Almost 8 churches in one building, are these churches or businesses? Opinion

The issue is from the ancient churches, they've always been a split. People will always come out of the church to go and the form their own.

You look at now, John werstler came out or from Roman Catholic, how Martin Luther came out of Roman Catholic? How all these other people that are the founders of the mainline churches came out of Roman Catholic. Then from them came out other churches, mostly that's where the Pentecostal movement began. From the Pentecostal movement come out deceivers, who would start well in the beginning, and get lost with the love of money, power and women.

Today we are seeing this charismatic craziness, were everybody wants to start a church. Just a little understanding between them in the church, people go and start their own thing. But because the Church belongs to Jesus, the God of the Bible will fight anybody who carries an agenda that is different to that of the kingdom of light.

The church just become nothing but a business, it has become a source of income for many people. Can a person sit down with his wife and discuss how they are going to come out of the church with other church members, just for them to fill their stomachs.

If you can look at this picture, you can see that almost every floor there is a church, and other floors there are even two churches. How do they worship because, the instruments make noise? The microphone they make noise, and as you can see, this is in Nigeria.

Most of the times you would wonder, is this really serving? Is God really listening to them? You may realise that there are even contradicting each other in their preaching, or in their way of doing things. When they pray and make noise disturbing one another because they are too close to each other, does God hear them? Is this worshiping or this is just confusion, God is not the God of confusion but order.


If all churches in the world were following Christ's teachings, they would no doubt have continued with one another just as the early church continued in one accord (Acts 2: 44-47; 4:32-37).

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