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We Will Not Be Forgotten By God Because Of These Attributes

God is a patient and forgiving Father who does not readily give up on His obstinate children. As many that are ready to live by his word, He would never leave not forsake them.

He is aware of our flaws and is patient with us while He attempts to bring out the best in us.

That is why He allowed strangers to punish Israel (and Satan to punish us with issues) in order to test if they (we) would change our minds about worshiping idols and turn to the One who created them (us).

But, instead of turning to the true God, how foolish Israel (we) were in idol worship and unrepentance.

He demonstrated His love for them, however, by vowing to deliver them to the wilderness with a powerful hand, where He will judge them alone.

Brethren, If you're going through a wilderness (insurmountable challenges) in your life, it's time for God to judge His people; if you show enough repentance, you'll be set free, but if you don't, you'll be condemned to death.

With the exception of Joshua and Caleb, the generation who fled Egypt died in the wilderness before reaching the promised land.

In our scripture, God promises to liberate the Israelites from Babylon, but first He will judge the idol worshippers in the desert, and those who repent will be allowed to return to Israel.

The same is true today: God is Holy, and nothing filthy shall enter His domain.

If you've been saved, live a holy life to justify it; otherwise, you won't be able to enter God's kingdom if you're still living in sin.

His love has kept you alive so that you can momentarily enjoy the results of your labor, but permanent life belongs to those who complete the race successfully.

You've got the ball!

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