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PRAYER: Oh Lord, my God, may my acts and sacrifices please You

"Then Noah erected an altar to the LORD and sacrificed burnt sacrifices on it, taking every clean animal and every clean bird." And the LORD inhaled a pleasant scent, and he declared in his heart, "I will never again curse the ground for the sake of man." (Genesis 8:20).

Today, we'll look at how to please God through our deeds. God was pleased with the burnt offering that Noah brought to Him after surviving the deluge, which killed countless people. Noah had both clean and unclean animals and birds aboard the boat with him and his family, which God requested him to keep (Gen 7:1-9). Both clean and filthy animals and birds have ecological responsibilities to carry out in God's design for the universe's nourishment, and hence both are necessary to God and man, even if some of them are not eaten as food in some climes. You may recall God showing Peter a basket full of both clean and unclean animals in Acts 10:9-15. The bottom line of that revelation, however, was that God valued both Jews and Gentiles.

God made a covenant with Noah when He received his burnt sacrifices, promising never to curse the ground again, as He does in Genesis 3:17-18. God praised Noah and his sons in the Nothic covenant, promising that they would be prolific and multiply, among other things (Gen 9:1-17).

God rewards good sacrifice with beneficial blessings. This could be one of the reasons why some individuals are wealthy nowadays. People who make clean and reasonable offerings of money, animals, birds, vehicles, materials, clothing, lands, houses, and other items to God during harvest, dedication services, and deliverance from accidents, deaths, misfortunes, or for employment, promotion, and other types of achievements please God. The perfume of their sacrifices is detected by God. This attracts even more of God's benefits to such people.

THOUGHT CONTROL: A life of gratitude invites God's benefits.

PRAYER: Oh Lord, my God, may my acts and sacrifices please You. Amen.

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