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"10 Alleged reasons why I believe that Zondo is not a man of God, lady post: Opinion

10 reasons why I believe that Bishop Zondo is not a man of God but he operate a cult.

When the congregation is gathered in any event, they must acknowledge the presence of bishop Zondo anointing before they start to talk or pray. (congregation is made to believe that the god of bishop Zondo is the panacea to the road to heaven)

The church is selling different types of product like water, oil etc and the congregation has to invest on those products more than prayer. (every day the congregation is encourage to use the church product for their protection on their lives)

The testimonies of the church are always go on review by the elder before they go the pulpit and congregation and that is where the elder will package them to suit the church marketing style.

There are different types of offering like love offering, tithe offering, bishop bonus etc but the congregation never hear how those offering are spent and how much per week is made. The only time you hear about the offering is when the church is having a short fall of paying municipality rates and electricity and that short fall should service by congregation on special offering.

Every event that is done by the church like community outreach and special event, the congregation has to fund such event in the name of the church. (the question what is the love offering and tithe do?)

If anyone among the congregation need to consult with the pastor or need a special prayer, one has to fork out money for such. For example, there is what they call blessing exchange where bishop pray for you for what one need and it start from R1000. (that where he exchanges the blessing of a person with his darkness spirit. He gives isichitho to people.) One on one consulting is worse expensive and that where he kills and rape people.

If anyone into the congregation disagree with bishop, he will expose such person on the pulpit and label him/her as a poison into the congregation without contesting the content of their disagreement. Bishop is always right in everything and he always know everything.

Every time one disagree with the bishop you will told do not mess with the man of god because you are going to die.

Every merchandise of the church is regarded as a miracle product that chase away every evil spirit but they come with a price.

Almost everyday people must attend different services to an extent they do not have time for themselves.

I left his church and even this date he still sends me nightmare and all satanic spirit to bewitch me.

I understand that a lot of people are upset due to certain reports that are being exposed about the man of God. It is not just Bishop Zondo who has this awful report about him, but quite a number of the men of God. Some of the things that are being said against the men of God are true, some are not. We know that we are living in the last days were the devil once to overthrow the church and make it an enemy of the community.

The saints is very close to those days where they are going to be persecuted for the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can see that people are already going back to their old ways. People are now praising and worshiping their ancestors, people are now looking for their own designed gods. We have heard about the black Jesus in Kenya, we have heard about different kinds of prophets that are now said they can replace the Lord Jesus.

They are called the saviors for black people, we also have read about the man who is calling himself Jesus in Australia. These are the times that we are living in, the devil can do anything to discredit the Church of God. On the matter of Bishop Zondo, we have seen ladies coming to expose him for what he did to them. We are only waiting for the law to take its course. Thorough investigations have to be conducted towards the man of God, then we will know what was happening all this time. The facts that have been written by this person, they are very few of them that prove something. I can say one or two out of ten that can prove that the man of God is a cultist. The rest of the points that he has stated down, they can't be used to prove that the man of God is a cultist.

So some of these points that he has said out, they happen with most of the churches. There is no way in which when elders ask someone to testify before them before going in front of the church be called occult. It is very wise to interview testifiers before they stand before the congregation because, other people they just don't know what to say when they're in front of the people. We will be avoiding the issue of mentioning certain names or implicating things in front of the people. This may implicate the church, you can be charged with a hate speech, or deformation of character, just because one of your congregant has testified against somebody.

Some may be watching you live by then, so I don't see anything wrong with that. So they may be some valid points, but in this instance they are very few that can prove the man of God Bishop Zondo as a cultist. We are all in prayer as the body of Jesus Christ that the truth about this Bishop may be revealed.

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