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Check out more about this female pastor who has been jailed in three countries

Female pastors are likewise more effective in their service. They might be uncommon but on the other hand, are doing incredible. Mariam Mbula is a prominent female minister with a ton of accomplishment and popularity which made it hard for individuals to accept that she has been engaged with wrongdoings and illegal activities. Mariam Mbula is the pastor of SPAC Nation

Mariam Mola is how she is known on social media. She serves as the lead pastor of Spac Nation Church in London, England. You wouldn't guess she's a pastor just by looking at her and the way she dresses. She may appear innocent on the surface, but you won't believe what she is capable of and what she has been accused of.

Mariam Mbula's victims have slammed law enforcement for failing to put an end to her double-dealing once and for all.

Mbula, also known as Mariam Mola, has featured on TV programs such as Lorraine and has been lauded as a success story who turned her life around after being imprisoned for fraud at the age of 18.

However, it was revealed in 2019 that the 31-year-old Londoner has at least 13 convictions for 34 offenses, including 27 for fraud and dishonesty, and has served time in prison in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain.

She was also wanted for leading an Italian crime gang that used fraudulent credit cards to target luxury boutiques.

Mariam, a materialistic woman with a penchant for designer clothes, is currently a senior pastor in the infamous SPAC Nation church.

Former members report that SPAC Nation's leaders, notably Mariam, push young congregants to take out loans and pay large sums to the church, even though the organization professes to be aiding impoverished young people.

According to police, a criminal investigation into claims of fraud and other offenses involving individuals linked with SPAC Nation is presently underway.

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