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Being spiritual gifted is no walk in the park

It’s 3:30am here. Good morning. The call to prayer at the 3am hour came. Lots of revelations from my Gift Giver who is saying: Standing in the truth will cost you where you are in the physical realm.

But remember that in order for us to TRUST you with more, this is a must. Being Spiritual is no walk in the park. She says: teach your mentees to exercise discernment to be able to distinguish those who talk a good game but do not walk the walk.

Be aware never to use Us ( ancestors in general) and the Creator to justify errant behavior because then you are a charlatan.

Your character will be tested all the time as will your ability to see the wood for the trees. Do you see? Listen to subtext and be aware of those being used because they are spiritually gullible.

Earlier she spoke of avoidance behavior. Be 🚨 alert to those who hide things under the guise of “doing good “. They run away from the real issues and busy themselves with positive activity.

It doesn’t work, she chuckled and shook her head. Then: Brace yourself and tell your mentees to do the same. You may think you battle humans but actually there are more dangerous forces at play, and some things will have to crash and burn 🔥.

It will be excruciating to watch… but that is not why you are here on your knees. Your job is to remain alert, wise as a serpent and channel LOVE. Keep your distance she says because when pigs fall into the mud they will splash you too and then you too will be a pig by association.

Stay away from mud pools and the pigs that revel therein. Yoh… there is more to share on the candles she told me to use and some prophetic messages. Who is hearing something that resonates? .

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