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Bushiri allegedly Opened a New Church, Will he ever Come Back to Mzanzi? See Photos Of a new Church


Ever since Prophet Shepherd Bushiri left Mzanzi, many people have been asking what he’s doing with his life now and if he will ever come back to South Africa because he has thousands of followers and his assets waiting for him. Ever since he left, he has never updated his followers about how he returned or the way forward with his church. He seems to have moved on with his life, but sadly, his followers who are in South Africa are still waiting for him.


Bushiri not only left his church, but his assets were also frozen by the state. he posts something on Facebook and other social media platforms, his South African followers rush to the comments box to ask when he is coming back because comments are the only way they can be noticed.



Following all that, Mzanzi has concluded that Bushiri will never come back to South Africa after seeing his new massive move. Yesterday, on Sunday, Bushiri opened a new church in Malawi. It was his first service at this church, but already thousands of people had attended. He went on to post on Facebook that indeed, things are looking good for him as over a thousand people attended his first service. His new church is called "Arena of Miracles." He even went on to compare it with his South African church, ECG. See his post and photos below:



It seems like soon his followers from South Africa will have to travel to Malawi if they want to see him because, although he’s showing no sign of coming back, they still show him love and support on social media. See some of their comments below:



It’s time people accepted that indeed Papa is gone and moved on. The God they pray to is the same God, so I don’t see it necessary for Bushiri’s followers to follow him to Malawi. And congratulations to Papa for even starting a new church. What are your thoughts on this? Leave your comments below.


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