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Poster That Insulted Jesus Causes Serious Tension On Facebook

I think nomatter what region you are, please live christians alone. If they give their pastors money, is their money not yours. Bullying Christians and their God is not just fair.

How many adrosoties that happens with Hindus, Islam or aminism. So called sangomas are marrying small boys, other religions practice whitchcraft but nobody say anything or protest against them.

The hate directed towards christianity is barbaric and demonic. Christians may preach against your belief but they never insult it. So what is this, is it because Christians are peaceful, that's why anybody do what they want to them.

Raise a flag against Mohammed and see if Moslems will not slit you. I think Christians should have laws endorsed by constitutions to sue any unfair pursuit to destroy us. Our intergret must be protected and that of our God nomatter what happens, God shouldn't be dragged through the mud, I think this young man has just gone too far.

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