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"Jesus Chris Had Sinful Desires As A Man When He Was On Earth" - Pastor Dr Able Damina Reveals

Pastor Dr. Abel Damina preached to his congregation at his Thursday evening service, which was streamed live on his Facebook page. According to the man of God, having desires/ideas constitutes a man, and sin can only be conceived if a man acts on his sinful desires or thoughts. Pastor Able Damina cited Bible scriptures such as James 1:15, which stated unequivocally that SIM can only be conceived through action.

According to him, "You must have a desire to be tempted, yet having a desire does not automatically result in sin." However, every man has desires; if you do not have desires, you are not a man. That is, desires are human-like. As a result, Jesus Christ had wants.

"Did Jesus Christ exist as a man?" Yes? As a result, he had urges. He was not drawn to the point of sin, but he did have urges. That implies that Jesus Christ had sinful thoughts, which he did. He has a man's desire, except he isn't a guy. If you claim that Jesus Christ did not experience sinful thoughts, you deny him the status of man."


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