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Mzansi Is Not Happy With This Pastor Who Want A Wife In TV After He Did This In #PastorWantsAWife

Mzansi Is Not Happy With This Pastor Who Want A Wife In TV After He Did This In #PastorWantsAWife

The ladies really wants to marry the pastor, they look desperate. Pastors don't have money, these ladies must enter the marriage knowing there's no soft life. Pastor should’ve used this platform to find a wife. Don’t know how they choose their bachelors but this is not it.

The elimination of today was just something else. Sometimes look at the things in a bigger picture. His brother said he's broke so the potential wife can't agree with that. Pstor have eliminated Babalwa because she challenged him. The Pastor is scared of challenge, just because Babalwa understands his brother. According to the pastor, Babalwa should’ve never sided with the brother in front of everyone especially when the pastor was trying to rebuke his brother’s behaviour.

The pastor doesn't want anyone that challenges him or has a different opinion. He wants someone who will be there fr him nd support him.. not someone who sides with the enemy. She wasn't siding with the enemy though she just said she understood where the brother was coming from. He simply wanted her to have his back she doesn't know the brother from a bar of soap or his motive and the Pastor was bothered by his brother's behavior that's reason enough to support him. I've noticed that. Anyone that challenges him gets eliminated.

How can he undermine his young Brother like this mara.On national TV, he has seriously undermined him. It shows that he has always been a bully towards him Imagine, he doesn't even filter, he says it just like that infront of everyone. 

You can choose your friends unfortunately you can't choose your family but you can disown them. There is a very fine line between not sugar coating things and being rude person. It seems as though his brother is trying to sabotage him. Siblings are supposed to be honest but that was not honesty, that was intentional. He wanted to broadcast how broke his brother is.

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