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Truth revealed, Bushiri is the richest prophet in Africa, found out why

The richest prophet in Africa, Prophet shepherd Bushiri also known as Major1, the man who is a Major shareholder in over 26 mines ,4 private jets ,shepherd Bushiri university, sparkling waters hotel,PsB networking, Prophetic channel television,10 cars each worthy not less than 2 million including Rolce Royce and burgatti, 3 hotels in Overseas, Energy drink production company, well known more than any African you may think of, 500 million followers globally.

"We admmite that he is very reach but he is not the lion, the father of all nations only Jesus is the master. Please worship God not a man, by this the anger of God comes on all the sons of lawlessness. Repent this way of conduct.Hey! nowonder de devil is totaly mad about m prophet Major provovo & try 2 disturb de prophetic movement bt 2 no avail.

His assets are now exposed. Is money a problem to such a man? Some people give him accusing names. I wonder Why ???Good news and bad news, the money for building the church is still in your pockets, must i go deeper. Go deeper man of God. I see you reading this text right now with your eyes open.His riches are from church collection we had everything on court case bushiri is not a true prophet he decieve many people following deceiption n lies may God be merciful he even run to Malawi why did he run ??" said a Facebook followers


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