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Husband and wife relationship

Signs that you have a spiritual husband /wife and how to break free

The Psalmist called out to God in Psalm 144:7-8, pleading with Him to save him from bad children, disasters, and vast rivers. In this context, "out of enormous waters" could mean "deliverance from the water's powers and their odd children." You must already be married to a spirit spouse if you have a child in the spirit realm. If you have a dream about a baby suckling at your breast, it means you are spiritually married and have a child.

In the dream, there is a spirit responsible for marriage and s*xual intercourse, and the demon in command is named Ashmodi. There are male and female versions of the ghost.

Succubus is the female version of the demon who has sexual intercourse with a sleeping man in his dream. She imitates his wife's or someone close to him's face. The second is known as incubus, and it is a male version that sleeps with a woman in a woman's dream. This occurs as a result of a bad marriage that occurred somewhere down the line. These demons have a connection to the sea. If you have a dream about being married to a man or woman whose face you can't see, it's likely that you're dealing with a spirit spouse.

When this happens, a covenant is formed with the spirit spouse, and you cannot be set free until the demonic marriage is terminated. In the physical realm, it will be tough for you to marry, and the demon will try to prevent you from making your breakthrough. If you flee and marry, for example, you will have problems having children.

Some folks discover that they are breastfeeding babies in their dreams while sleeping. It's also a hint that they have children in the spirit realm, which could make it difficult for them to have children in the physical domain.

A brother came to me for prayers a few years ago over some marital troubles in his house. After counseling him, I advised him to go pray and beg God to reveal his life's secret, which he did. He then had a dream in which he saw a woman patting and cuddling a baby; after a while, the woman began romancing him, and in an attempt to reject her, she became enraged and demanded that he take his child and leave; he then awoke. I told him that the woman he saw in his dream was his spirit wife, and that he already had a spiritual kid with her when he told me about his dream. Before the real children can appear, he must first deal with spiritual concerns.

The various forms of spirit spouses are listed below. The unconscious spirit spouse is the first. In this situation, the victim will wake up with no memory of what transpired in the dream after the demon has had sexual intercourse with them. There's also the semi-conscious spirit spouse to consider. The visage of the victim's wife or husband is used by this type of spirit spouse to appear to its victims. If you're not careful, you can believe that the person appearing to you is your physical spouse.

When you have such nightmares and see a close relative or loved one having sexual intercourse with you, don't accuse the person you saw; instead, pray and uncover the person who is behind it; you will be startled to see the demon behind it. This is similar to the circumstance where some demons use the visage of a deceased relative or loved one to communicate with you in order to gain your trust, and you believe it is your loved one who is speaking to you. Multiple spirit spouses, also known as polygamous spirit spouses, are the third type of spirit spouse. These spirit spouses have different faces or use the faces of different people, such as your uncles, aunties, and cousins.

to have their victims sleep with their brothers, sisters, wives, parents, church members, and so on. You will believe that such people are the perpetrators, and if caution is not exercised, you may begin to avoid them.

• Let go of every soul tie that binds me to a spirit husband or wife!

• Any power in the dream pretending to be my spouse, die!

• I take off every spirit spouse's wedding ring in my hand and command it to catch fire in the name of Jesus!

• In the name of Jesus, let every wedding certificate relating to a spirit husband/wife catch fire!

• In the name of Jesus, anything planted in my body to deceive me by the spirit husband/wife, catch fire!

• Holy Ghost fire arise, incubate my body with your fire in Jesus name.

• O God arise and repair any damage done to my body by the ministry of spirit spouse.

• Every wicked power using the face of a familiar person to sleep with me in my dream, die!

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