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I Used to Fake Faint in Pastor Bushiri's Church for His Publicity; Lady Exposes Fake Pastor

Members of some congregations have been conned by phony pastors who have appeared in recent years. When it comes to Shepherd Bushiri, Valencia Maseko says she is ashamed of her expectations. In church, they used to make her dizzy. In her mind, she had no doubts about her actions, but she went through with them anyway because she wanted to impress the pastor. She believes it's the only way her family will be blessed.

"As a young child, my father's name was "God of the major one," and as a young man, "God of Tb Joshua."

I would have cut you off if you had told me otherwise. From 2012 to 2018, I believed that only God could provide opportunities for my family. It was one of my go-to tricks to make myself dizzy. Because of my carelessness, I ended up with this. There have been times when they've used force if you've tried to resist them and you haven't given in." She talked about social media and how she felt about it.

"At a different church in Sosha, I was the victim of this. As soon as he returned with something that smelled like Muti on his hand and touched my face, I knew I had to get out of there. As a result of the dizziness, I lost my footing and fell." Tweeted by @Malebo Mathopa.


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