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Controversy | Was Jesus a Buddhist monk or Jewish rabbi?`

There's a contradictory between two studies about Jesus life.

There's a study saying that Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi (teacher.) This is evident in the bible of Mark 14 verse 45, John 1 verse 38 that Jesus had a Jewish reputation.

These scriptures tells that Rabbi is a Hebrew term translates "Great one" meaning teacher or master. Both John and Mark referred Jesus as Rabbi and teacher. Moreover, the Jewish ruler Nicodemus thought that this title was appropriate for Jesus. It was a title of honor bestowed to him and those who taught the scriptures including Apostle Paul and John the Baptist.

Another study shows a documentary reveals the missing piece in the bible about Jesus's 0life between the ages of 13 and 29. And that Jesus was not crucified.

A Russian doctor named Nicolas Notovitch traveled through India Tibet and Afghanistan. Nicolas said he found a document revealing story of Jesus aka Issa which means son of God in Buddhist Monastery.

The finding and translation of the documents at the monastery do happen to be in line with what has become known as The Lost Years of Jesus. There is the belief that Jesus went to India with the wise men when he was 13 and brought up as a Buddhist.

This documentary also reveals that Jesus was not crucified, said that Jesus escaped death and went to stay in Afghanistan with Jewish settlers. Jesus spent his last years in Kashmir valley and dead when he was 80 years old.

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