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The Original Sin, Women With Giant Snake Tails

Religion is a very broad and complex topic because of all the different people around the world all following different religions. The original sin committed by the first human beings occurred in the garden of Eden when Eve procreate with Lucifer, The Son Of The Morning Star. This resulted in all the women who were born after that day to be bound by a curse. A curse so great that it still haunts them up until today. When the devil procreate with Eve, he did not know that the genetic coding for eternal beings and human beings were different. After they finished doing the deed, Eve was shocked to see a huge snake tail protruding from under her Abdomen. The original sin had left her with a giant snake tail. This was not a punishment that was brought upon her by the Lord, it was a punishment that was brought upon her by balance. Two completely different beings like angels and human beings must never engage in intercourse because their genetic coding is different. Their souls are also different because their bodies can't hold the same amount of power or energy. The fact that the devil engaged in intercourse with Eve while merged with a giant constrictor, made the devil and the snake to share their genetic coding with Eve. This later led to Eve growing a snake tail and knowing the secret to life because the devil already knew it. The original sin led to mutations being born among men and some of them are said to still roam the Earth.

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Eve Giant Snake Tails Original Sin The Son Of The Morning Star


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