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Literature Poetry

Revelation, The Truth Revealed, The Great Judgement Of The Lord

The world and its people have been around for a very long time and it has become to be a very confusing place to live in. This is because no one actually really knows what happened between the time God first created the Earth, and the time that we are in right now. The only true direction that we have sa a manual is the Bible. The Bible is the most famous book in the world and I believe that there is a person in every single community on earth that owns one. Every one wants to know how the world is going to end and when the world is going to end. Well there is a book in the Bible that tells us exactly what is going to happen on that fateful day. The Lord created people and he also created angels for a purpose. There are angels that the lord has created to come and end the world. These are not the angels that people are used to in books, but these are very strong angels. The Lord is going to send them down one by one with orders to carry out in the form of plagues, this is going to be the ultimate punishment. This is the day that will come when the world has reached its climax with evil spirits and dead hearts. You will sense it in your heart that it is time because of the stench that will be in the air. There will be a very heavy cloud of heavyness in the air because of the amount of evil energy. If I were you I'd be prepared, change your ways.

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