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They should not say I can't have S£x says Zodwa Wabantu on becoming a Sangoma

The beginning of Zodwa Wabantu's acceptance of her ancestral calling began this past weekend.

She posted a photo of herself in a stream, draped in traditional healer cloths, to her Instagram profile.

Zodwa told TshisaLIVE that things began to unfold last year.

"The dreams began in September and October, but this is who I've always been." I don't wear cosmetics, but I do wear expensive watches and jewellery, which frequently go missing, and I've discovered that it's because they don't want them."

The exotic dancer and businesswoman said she performed rituals this past weekend to alert her ancestors that she had answered their call.

"It all started on Saturday when I went there and spent about 35K with the goat. It began this weekend because I flew uBaba from KZN. 'ngiyi nkosazana ya manzi' indicated going to the water. There are still some formalities to complete. I still have to pay uBaba a visit."

Zodwa claims she has not yet been initiated, despite the fact that she has shared photos of herself wearing the garments. She still needs to perform four more ceremonies.

"So they'll tell me I'm not going to be one of those sangomas who's meant to go initiate." So I had a dream, then I go home and tell my family about it, and they interpret it for me. Only what they tell me is what I work with.

only work with what they are telling me. I can't wake up and say I'm going to so and so because I’m going to initiate. They will tell me where to go and I will go there and I will let people know. I will accept and go but for now its an acceptance that they are using me and taking me through this journey.”

Zodwa recalled pieces of the puzzle that completed the picture, adding that she is grateful for the life her ancestors have built for her.

“No wonder I’ve been walking around naked. They make you lose your mind in different ways, so they were taking me out of poverty and gave this kind of life so that I have my fill. They know that’s not the end to me, it’s not my purpose that I have to fulfil.

"They don't want a weave or make-up; now I see why I was different; it was because of them." I don't belong, I don't want to be wanted, I walk alone, and I'm unique. So it wasn't me because I chose to be like that. "I was designed to be impervious to all forms of deception."

In classic Zodwa flair, she established her own set of ground rules for the underground group.

"I told them I wanted a lot of money and happiness." I informed them that I didn't want to be deprived and turn into a bitter old woman or a sangoma if I didn't have males. If I'm going to be one, I'm going to have to work hard. I don't want to be enraged because I'm unable to have sex.

If they don't like or want him, they'll have to send someone else. They must never refuse me the opportunity to be with someone. "I'm a big fan of sex."

Pasop! Zodwa Wabantu is protected from the haters.

"You will only look at me from now on," she told the haters.


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