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OPINION | How to Easily Recognize a Fake Pastor or Prophet

People in today's society are prone to believing whatever they are told. Some so-called spiritual fathers have taken advantage of this opportunity to defraud people of their money and valuables. To entice men's hearts, many of these false pastors and prophets resort to enticing words and cheap lies. This is why you'll always come across one type of instruction or another. Many of them are contradictory to God's words in the Bible.

Unfortunately, many people are falling prey to these con artists and fake devices on a daily basis. Because of what was said to them, many people would conclude that these people were victims. However, I believe the reason is that these people are uninformed.

“My people perish for lack of wisdom,” the Bible says. “False prophets will arise in the last days,” according to the Bible. This is why Jesus said, "Not everyone who calls me Lord!" Shall enter the kingdom of God, Lord! As a result, we can deduce that there are some false prophets and pastors who misuse the name of Jesus.

With all of this, one might wonder, "How do I recognize a fake pastor?" The answer, I believe, can be found in these four warning signs. Please leave that person alone as soon as you notice them. They are, without further ado:

1. He or she does not use the correct Bible verses:

Bible illiterate Christians will believe anything you tell them as long as you say it's from the Bible. Imagine someone telling you that something happened in Genesis chapter 57 verse 7 and that you need to give him or her 20,000 naira for seed. What would be your reaction if you were in this situation? Personally, I would re-quote the person and tell him or her that such a scripture does not exist.

Aside from the jokes, we all need to know the Bible inside and out. It's not always true that what you hear is correct. These things aren't always true. That is why we must examine the Bible to determine whether or not God said something in his word. You'll be able to tell if what you're being told is correct or incorrect after reading the Bible. If it turns out to be incorrect, be aware that this is the first sign of a fake pastor or prophet.

2. Without praying, he or she begins to speak in tongues:

There isn't a single instance in the Bible where a man of God prays while speaking in tongues. Before he invoked the Holy Spirit on the brethren, Peter prayed. Before the fire from heaven fell, Elijah prayed. Before the loaves of bread and fishes were multiplied, Jesus, the son of God, prayed. Before Jordan was divided, Elisha prayed and invoked Elijah's God. These are just a few examples of great men of God who needed to pray before anything could happen.

As you can see, a man of God must pray before receiving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit now gives him the ability to speak in tongues and perform miracles. One thing to keep in mind is that even demons have tongues. And it's possible that a phony prophet is using the tongues without your knowledge. As a result, one way to tell if a man of God is genuine is to listen to his prayers before speaking in tongues or performing miracles. If this does not occur, consider it yet another sign of a phony prophet.

3. When someone asks you to bring non-scriptural items and uses non-scriptural deliverance methods:

Water, oil, mantle, and shadow are the items I've seen in the bible that were used for healing. Apart from these, I've never seen anything else used for healing. As a result, if any man or woman tells you to bring something that isn't mentioned in the Bible, you can be sure they're a fake. Furthermore, if the person uses non-scriptural deliverance methods such as bathing the person (weather man or woman) before deliverance, matching on the person for deliverance, and so on, this is a clear indication that the person is a fraud.

Photo of a phony pastor who slept with one of his female members while praying for her.

4. Requesting Money or Food Before Being Delivered:

You have been given freely, and you will continue to give freely. There is no miracle that Jesus performed after the people gave him money. Even if the people didn't like him, he worked wonders for them. As a result, if a pastor or prophet asks for money before praying for you, he or she is most likely a fraud. It could also be a request for food. However, the individual is a phony in every way. Only if you haven't been paying your tithe can the pastor tell you to bring something. Because it's scriptural, he'll have to ask you to pay it first before praying.

A photo of money was used to demonstrate what some phony pastors ask their congregations to give them.

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Finally, keep in mind that all of the images in this article were obtained from Google Images and are solely for illustrative purposes.

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