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A fist fight broke out when pastors from one church found each other at traditional healer's home

According to a local newspaper; a huge fight broke out when Jerusalem Church in Zion pastors came across each other at a traditional healer's home.

When the pastor who came to a traditional healer's house at Korinte in Mzimkhulu for the first time; found the other there he shouted; "So people respect you so much because you consult in this place. I caught you. The congregants must know about this; you are so evil; you come to a place like this; people must know about your evil ways. They always listen to you but you do this!" Said a mole who was relating the story to the local newspaper.

The traditional healer's security guards had to be called to separate the two pastors who were by now fighting in a duel of fists. One of the pastors is a regular and the other came there for the first time not knowing he will find his colleague there.

The local newspaper's mole was able to find out the surnames of the two pastors; who said they were Sikhakhane and Zikhali but refused to give out their first names. It was further established that both pastors come from the same church called Jerusalem Church in Zion, they are both pastors in the church but at different levels. One of them is a bishop at the church while the other is a reverend.

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They both went to the traditional healer while still wearing their church uniforms because they came from church directly to the traditional healer. In a typical hypocritical style, the first timer; Rev Sikhakhane said; "This man is well respected at church; they respect him because he uses voodoo on them. This is not right."

Asked what he was doing there because he had also come to the same place that he calls evil. He said; "He came to ask for help about something."

The traditional healer; Bongani Gumede; and Bishop Zikhali refused to talk to the local newspaper about this matter; the traditional healer said; "Go ask whoever told you about things that happen at my house."

Gumede later called the local newspaper and asked the journalist; "Why are you asking about my customers especially the men of the cloth?"

Gumede went on to say; "I get annoyed when people pinpoint pastors as my customers because I have a range of customers; from business men to politicians. A pastor who consults with me is different because he comes to me having only 10 congregants; as soon as I help them their congregation grows to a thousand within three months."

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